The year was 1985. Gasoline was a buck a gallon, a new car cost $9000, and cell phones came in bags with shoulder straps. Back To The Future was playing in the theaters, and you could play the new ZZ Top hit on the latest technology–a CD. And Perry and Leslie Tate purchased their 1st rental property next to Bradley’s campus, not long after graduating from Bradley with degrees in business and finance. Perry is a DU and Leslie is an SK. Since their days at Bradley, they have been busy buying and improving historic homes in the area surrounding the university, renting many of them to students and faculty.


Perry: “I got my real estate license before I graduated, and always knew that I wanted to be involved with real estate. I love taking an old home that has been neglected or mismanaged and turning it into something nicer and more productive. We preserve as much of the charm and originality of these classic homes as possible. This is our full-time business, not just a sideline. I am very hands-on, spending most days on campus doing anything from lawn maintenance to supervising our improvement projects. When you see our red company truck, I’m usually in it!”


Leslie: “I spent years as a computer programmer, so I enjoy making things work efficiently and smoothly. I’m usually the one who shows the properties to prospective tenants, and does the day-to-day administration of the company. Perry and I work well together and this business allows us to spend lots of time with each other.”

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Locally Owned by BU Alums, Perry (’80) & Leslie (’81)